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The HKUST-MIT alliance aims to build the network and mechanism required for R&D collaboration between world class universities and technology companies to bolster the global innovation with emphasis on Intelligent Living technology.

Vision To advance and cultivate Hong Kong Research and Development capability using a mission-oriented approach to solve critical and relevant problems globally. The approach is unique as the research topics are identified based on current and future demand. Key issues and topics that require innovative solutions are first defined, and the consortium applies an interdisciplinary approach to tackle those issues. Once the specific research agenda is defined, the consortium has access to the world-wide talent pool of local Hong Kong universities, and MIT to initiate new & innovative research projects.

The mission of the research projects is to conduct a pre-competitive research which can lead to new capabilities and business opportunities rather than conducting a specific late stage applied research. This differs from a typical research since a typical research usually conceives the research area mainly based on the current capabilities or specific interest of a research team, and therefore there is often a gap between the research results and potential commercial use.

Goals Specifically, this alliance aims to achieve the following:

  • Build up a network for local universities and leading technology companies to collaborate with their international counterparts on future advancement in high-tech research.
  • To advance the emerging technologies in intelligent living for the commercialization of research results in order to nurture a new industry base that can directly enhance healthy urban living in Hong Kong, Pearl River Delta and beyond.
  • To consolidate Hong Kong’s role as gateway between China and overseas in technical development.

The consortium offers close collaboration amongst three parties


  • Gain access to top research talents and capability
  • Gain R&D access and insights to local market needs & suppliers
  • Get benefits from common technology challenges
  • Cost effective resources


  • Work on industry relevant pre-competitive research that can lead to new innovation
  • Receive Research funding leveraged by companies and Hong Kong Government
  • Interdisciplinary approach expands the boundary of research


  • Leverage on the strength of Hong Kong legal systems
  • Promote economy development
  • Enhance innovation capability


Current Status

The clusters that are currently in operation are the Internet-of-Things (IoT) for Intelligent Buildings & Transportation, Data Science & E-Learning, Advanced Manufacturing, and Biomedical Systems. These clusters are currently supported by 8 sponsoring companies and involve 12 research projects.

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