Hong Kong: Heart of Asia

1. Hong Kong: a strategic location for R&D in Asia


  • High quality research talents
  • Developed Infrastructure
  • Close to market
  • Close to local suppliers
  • Prototyping and manufacturing capabilities
  • Quality of life
  • Open environment

2. Friendly and transparent legal, financial and operational infrastructure in Hong Kong


  • Trusted legal systems, the only common law city in China
  • International credibility in rule of law to help resolve China IP conflict
  • Well administrated, professional, transparent efficient civil service
  • The financial hub of Asia, ensure liquidity of funding
  • Government dedicated to invest in R&D industry in Hong Kong
  • Low and Simple Tax System: NO VAT/GST Sales Tax, No Capital Gains Tax, No Withholding Tax on investments, No estate duty, No global taxation
  • Open, free, reliable information
  • Bilingual capabilities: capable facilitator as bridge between the east and west communications


3. Hong Kong is connected to Shenzhen – a city known for its dynamic, flexible and responsive prototyping


  • The access to the South China market¬†and beyond
  • The production and development base and the trade center of high-tech products
  • Unique capability in rapid prototyping and quick response production
  • Provides a large engineering talent pool to scale R&D results into products


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